How BHCC fails to organise highways access/egress for Medina House redevelopment work

29.1.18…..It beggars belief that Brighton & Hove City Council highways people so totally fail to understand seafront access and egress issues – including emergency access needs.   They have suspended parking bays in Medina Terrace to FORCE ability to access by builders servicing the Medina House site.   Parking bays on the Esplanade and beside Medina House are also suspended.  Even so.  There is already spillover into Sussex Road.   How is this even safe and how will it impact ability of the public to access Marrocco and move through the seafront from King Alfred over to the esplanade beyond all this?    It already looks unsafe, cluttered and will soon become a no-go prospect.  Apparently vehicles in Medina Terrace were towed away today to enable all this …oops!  Just one thing.  Don’t blame the Gilmours.  The people they pay to do this work are responsible.
Within the CMP that is currently undergoing endless revisions there are some names.  Try Matt Richardson of SizeBreed whose company name is on it.  07887 635578 or Project Manager Noah Faiers 07872 456118 or Sean Cox 07872 455805.  Out of hours 020 7036 9650  –  These details are in the paperwork  Appendix g!

NB:  Until Conditions 11 and 12 are agreed and the CMP details are AGREED (they are not yet), it is not appropriate to suspend ANY bays for builder vehicle access until it IS AGREED.  All those who got towed away today should bloody well sue BHCC for the cost and damages.

Residents need to pay attention to what is happening there and look at the as yet unagreed Construction Environment Management Plan within the planning register in this application’s documents section and put in suggestions for how best to make this work.  Send objections and observations concerning discharge of Conditions 11/12 to quoting BH2017/03160

The men supervising access down Medina Terrace are telling residents they are THEMSELVES unhappy with this arrangement.  Lou Stack, who took this photo today, has put in a formal suggestion to use Courtney Gate instead – as the police and refuse collection vehicles do and it seems sensible.  But Lou also observes that BHCC is charging Polly Samson and David Gilmour for each and every suspended parking bay.  Is this about getting a bit of money in for BHCC parking revenue instead of doing the right thing????
Sussex Road is a tiny little remnant of a bygone pre-cars and trucks era which struggles to cope with  resident access and parking needs.  But hey, look at this!  A builder’s vehicle is somehow free to park in Sussex Road over and above use of the suspended parking bays BESIDE Medina House.  It is NOT ON.
On the Esplanade itself a massive long loader – far bigger than residents have been given to believe was agreed to, was sprawled over the entire area of disabled parking bays today.  Surely the place to unload all these vehicles should be at the foot of Medina Lawn on the Esplanade where there is no parking but a wide expanse of tarmac that could easily take the bulk without inconveniencing use of the seafront prom.  THIS, is unacceptable….

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