Who are we?

We are a working cyber-group, concerned with Conservation, amenity, planning, appropriate development and regeneration issues (especially the seafront and our irreplaceable heritage)   along with how our Council serves Hove’s interests.
We work with one another as and when the need arises to address specific licensing or planning applications or to address threats to valued areas and buildings, especially Conservation Areas and Listed buildings. 
Activity is mainly focussed within the following wards:  Brunswick & Adelaide, Goldsmid, Central, Hove Park, Westbourne and Wish.  Developments affecting the  whole city are also addressed.
There are no formal meetings.  Occasionally we come together over events & issues that concern us as a community – such as the tragic death of Portland Road grocer, Tony Magdi in late 2010, Mike Robins’ funeral – or, more happily, blue plaque dedications and social events.

The Robin Hood Pub Wake for Mike Robins

Community Garden Party, Old Market

We operate by email mostly or meet up in small groups when addressing area-specific issues and planning applications.  There is no Committee, burdened with doing everything for an uninvolved membership. 
Mostly saveHOVE is about planning applications, engagement with!