Current epetitions

Govt epetitions: currently one against the i360 as at 13.3.14 here: epetitions:  currently one started 11.3.14 by saveHOVE against i360 funding by PWLB:

BHCC epetitions:   Council e-petitions 

The now finished public toilets epetition resulted in a Public Toilets Scrutiny Panel being formed with no real solutions produced from it. The public toilets epetition end date was chosen in order for the public toilets issue to be considered by the Council when setting its budget for 2013/14.  At the moment public toilets are steadily decreasing in number (40% lost nationally in the last 10 years) and this will continue as councils everywhere seek to save money.
No council is required by law to provide public toilets.  BHCC hopes to mitigate losses by encouraging offices, shops and restaurants to open their toilets to the public.  Why should they take on that extra expense during a recession?  Would you?  At C&H in Western Road, you have to buy something and enter a pin code from the till receipt in order to access their ‘public’ toilet!