Petitions & ePetitions!

BHCC offers an e-petition facility which requires registration and signatories must either live or work in Brighton and Hove.  

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Full Council meetings can take any and all petitions.  Specific Committees can only take petitions relating to their remit. 
If you choose to present to Full Council (recommended where practical),  you gain two bites of the cherry and the chance to add emphasis to your case. 
At a Full Council presentation of your petition  – to ALL councillors, and on the webcam (watched by hundreds of people), your petition is noted and passed on to a meeting that covers the specific subject – for reply to it – after which you can turn up a second time and make the case all over again.  In addition, by the time you get to that 2nd meeting, you may have even more petition signatures which can be heaped onto the ones already provided.
Council epetitions are published in meeting agendas and must finish online 10 days ahead of the meeting they are destined for.  Ordinary paper petitions are not in agendas and can be given to your councillor to present or you can do it yourself – but  the Administrator of Full Council, Cabinet meetings, Cabinet Member Meetings  or Committees must be given 10 days notice of intent so they are expecting you and give you (or the Councillor or MP or whoever presenting for you) a  speaking slot.

It is useful to have an identical paper petition to present at the same time as an epetition.  This is especially important if you can only have your epetition online for a very short period of time and because for the 10 working days after it finishes, you can continue to collect signatures on the paper version to boost the tally.

Petitions and epetitions are presented at council meetings with a 3 minute speech, either by the petitioner or by a councillor.  
Please Nota Bena! Petitioners should present their own case to maximise use of the opportunity as councillors may not be ‘talented’ in this regard or even especially supportive .  They often rattle off about 10 words just telling the meeting how many signatures there are and only vaguely what it is about. You have been warned!  To do justice to it and your cause, you should not leave it to a councillor to present your petition.  End of.