Following the Local Elections on 6th May, 2011, The Green Party became the Minority Administration with 23 councillors, the Conservatives are the official opposition with 18 councillors and Labour have 13 councillors.  The resignation on 24th May, 2013, of Cllr Matt Follett (Green), one day after Annual Council, triggered the need for a by-election which is scheduled for around 5th July 2013 (Hanover and Elm Grove).
Elected Leaders for the 2013-14 Council year are:                                                                                      Green Council Leader :   Cllr Jason Kitcat                                                                                                       Leader of the Official Conservative Opposition:    Cllr Geoffrey Theobald                                  Leader of the Labour Group:   Cllr Warren Morgan
Hove Town Hall hosts committee meetings, alternating with Brighton Hove Town to host Full Council meetings.
The Calendar of Meetings  provides dates, times, venues.  One week ahead of meetings:  links to the published meeting Agendas are provided in the date boxes.  Names of Committee Members appear on these agendas but on the day, any one or more of them may be substituted by a colleague from their party.