Brighton & Hove Independent

10.3.16         LCE go public with their failed King Alfred bid design
10.3.16          Sackville Tower plans withdrawn
25.12.14        Helpful new information on owner/value of Medina House…£150,000 now…in this report of the 20th December fire at Medina House
4.7.14            Graham Chainey on our selish, triffid, local universities brighton-hove-really-need-two-ever-expanding-universities
4.7.14           Jean Calder lets rip about the i360 as phallus/tumecent dome (!)  monument-folly-politicians-beauty-squandered
14.3.14        Page 15 Marks Barfield smoothly reassures of i360 commitment and the saveHOVE petition article stands beside it
20.12.13     The wrongful pursuit of Cllr Dawn Barnett for misconduct over golliwog comments to The Argus.  Coverage on front page, page 3 and an editorial comment article.