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23.11.18     A Masterplan to guide developers concerning what would be acceptable redevelopment from the Clarendon & Ellen Estate up to the railway lines at Hove  Station
22.11.18     King Alfred & the developer agreement position – queried by Cllr Druitt at 22.11 Tourism, Dev & Culture Cttee mtg in cllr written questions section of the Agenda
26.2.18      The Engineerium is put up for sale in the wake of Mike Holland’s imprisonment
1.2.18         The app for £10m becomes a Grant of £15m funding from the Housing Infrastructue Fund for KA affordable housing element in the Starr Trust/Crest Nicholson scheme.
12.7.17       Annual Enforcement report – huge increase in HMO complaints
12.1.17        A planning refusal article that spells out one persistant developer’s attempts at gaming the planning system, making planning officers lives a misery and trying to bulldoze through an application that would blight the environment, create future evacuation problems heedless of the regular flooding problems in that area.
3.1.17          Article flowing from NYDay saveHOVE post on the increase in numbers of flats for KA
26.11.16      Exhibition of new Hyde plans for the Sackville Hotel site
18.11.16      New design from Hyde for the Sackville Hotel site – 9 storeys, 64 flats
24.3.16       Full Council agrees to close the Hove Carnegie Library
17.3.16        Public meeting to discuss development on the Sackville Hotel site
14.3.16        Brighton & Hove planning decisions the slowest in Sussex
11.3.16        EconDevCult Cttee votes to accept Library plan, including sale of Carnegie Library
10.3.16       LCE put their losing King Alfred bid design online
10.3.16       The proposed 17-storey Sackville Tower scheme bites the dust, application withdrawn!
9.3.16          Pavement cycling
3.3.16          “Ransom note” consultation question skews public response on closing Hove Library
2.3.16          HSNF petition demanding Hove Station footbridge is made accessible/sorted out.
2.3.16         NHS to close 4 of 5 GP surgeries that lost their private sector funding
28.2.16       The Economic Partnership supports the Sackville Tower and a new Hyde move
4.2.16          Rob Starr responds to huge negative reaction to the King Alfred plans
2.2.16         King Alfred plans unveiled after 10 days standstill period.
23.1.16        Base-jumpers breach i360 for a leap from the pole!
21.1.16        The Starr Trust with Crest Nicholson chosen to redevelop King Alfred
7.12.15        Public meeting in opposition to Hyde’s Sackville Tower proposal
18.11.15       Hyde Housing plans 17 storey tower block for Sackville Hotel site
22.6.15       Chamber of Commerce discussion of trade-off between design and profit: brilliant!
5.3.15           Latest Medina House application refused.
6.2.15           The closure scandal of Little Oaks Nursery in Goldston Villas – READ COMMENTS
21.1.15         The Holy Trinity GP application and reporting what saveHOVE says
2.1.15           Enforcement action and demo at Medina House follows UKIP candidate action
23.12.14      Report on the Medina House arson of 20.12.14
24.9.14        Consultation until November agreed on St. Andrews C of E school expansion plans expansion-of-hove-school-moves-a-step-closer
22.7.14        OFSTED give the Bilingual Primary School a poor rating – needs improvement
3.7.14           More identified land for housing, demanded by the Planning Inspectorate, to be agreed at Policy & Resources on July 11 for inclusion in the City Plan  planning-rules-put-39-brighton-and-hove-green-spaces-at-risk
19.6.14         The deed is done.  The seafront is doomed.  brighton-and-hove-council-signs-final-i360-contracts-today
26.6.14         Construction prep/work begins on the i360 construction-work-on-i360-to-begin-on-brighton-seafront-next-week
25.4.14         The political blame game follows prom subsidence into arches Pub hole new-row-opens-up-between-brighton-and-hove-political-parties-over-collapsed-road
15.4.14         Neville Road, Hove Waitrose what-do-hove-shoppers-make-of-their-new-waitrose
12.4.14         Reprieve for Kingsway Bowling on the Western Lawns hove-bowling-green-saved-from-the-diggers-for-now
11.4.14          Spanish bilingual Free School makes 2nd attempt on Hove Park grab school-submits-plan-for-smaller-building-on-hove-site
1.4.14            Urgency of secondary school places need spelt out brighton-and-hove-schools-chief-addresses-shortage-of-secondary-places
7.3.14           Work to begin building i30 in weeks work-on-the-brighton-i360-to-start-within-weeks
6.3.14            Policy & Resources decide i360 loan 7-3 for it funding-agreed-for-brighton-i360
5.3.14            saveHOVE ebriefed warnings ahead of P&R mtg funding-for-brighton-i360-to-be-decided-tomorrow
27.2.14         i360 to now cost double  cost-of-brighton-i360-doubles-to-46m/27660
30.1.14         Addition to BHASVIC School approved on the site of its Dyke Road carpark design-for-new-bhasvic-building-in-hove-approved
15.1.14           Mike Holland’s Appeal against planning refusal for a nursing home at Toads Hole Valley and implications for The City Plan wishes for the area hove-nursing-home-appeal-closes
7.1.14             Reasons in the Decision Notice for refusing the latest Medina House redevelopment plans  plan-to-build-eight-storey-block-on-historic-hove-seafront-site-rejected
19.12.13         Standards Panel verdict on Cllr Dawn Barnett’s rights to an opinion on golliwogs councillor-found-guilty-of-misconduct-for-saying-gollwogs-are-not-racist
13.12.13         The City Plan criticized planning-inspector-tells-brighton-and-hove-council-to-address-housing-shortfall
7.10.13           BHASVIC – 3-storey building application goes to Committee this week.  bhasvic-seeks-permission-for-new-building-on-hove-site/24488
12.9.13           Spanish/English bilingual school withdraws its newbuild application for Hove Park Depot which was recommended for refusal.  bilingual-primary-school-withdraws-hove-park-planning-application/23926 
29.8.13        Hove Police Station planning consent for conversion to an up to 500 pupil junior school hove-school-given-permission-to-convert-old-police-station/23536
28.6.13        City Plan to be submitted to Planning Inspectorate today blueprint-for-future-of-brighton-and-hove-submitted-to-government-for-approval/22143
2.6.13          Brief report on the Medina Fire with links to saveHOVE for detailed reports arson-investigation-under-way-after-fire-at-historic-hove-seafront-site/21663
24.5.13       Report of Hove MP’s King Alfred public meeting at Hove Town Hall hundreds-attend-hove-mps-public-meeting-about-the-king-alfred/21572
23.5.13       Hove Police Station sold for conversion to school use hove-police-station-sold/21495
18.5.13       Spanish/English free school wants the Hove Park scrub nursery area for a newbuild school:  Proposals exhibition primary-school-likely-to-open-on-edge-of-hove-park-next-year/21437
14.5.13      King Alfred: State of play round-up of where things are at can-king-alfred-be-revived/21337
24.4.13      Proposal for very tall high rise blocks on Anston House site  planners-turn-down-tower-blocks-opposite-preston-park-in-brighton/20826
27.2.13      BHCC giving up the car pound and towing cars council-to-stop-towing-away-cars-in-brighton-and-hove/19764
31.1.13      Planning Consent renewed to redevelop the Sackville Trading Estate hove-landowner-given-more-time-to-revamp-trading-estate/19286
20.12.12   Public Toilets scrutiny to be held by BHCC following consideration of the saveHOVE e-petition seeking a halt to closures and actual increases instead  brighton-and-hove-loo-campaigners-urge-council-to-hold-on/18532
12.11.12    Third public meeting hosted by Goldsmid cllrs public-meeting-in-hove-to-hear-about-bus-station-plans/
Early Oct. article.  You want the 9th November comment from Catharine Hart who gives links to free-parking map and free-parking App  Parking income article
11.10.12   Public Question asking if BHCC has or would consider selling the King Alfred site – previous redevelopment proposals involved only very long-leasing the site hove-seafront-landmark-may-be-sold/17614
9.10.12    A brand-new radio station from Brighton’s Juice called ‘Smile’, available on digital radios brighton-radio-operator-starts-station-for-nostalgic-listeners/17597
4.10.12    Audience of 100 (including 7 from saveHOVE) introduced to Edward Starr Charitable Trust, architects Steve Tompkins and Graham Haworth of Haworth Tompkins and the arts-based facility they would like to put on the King Alfred site hove-businessman-spells-out-king-alfred-plans/17560
4.10.12    A social worker has been selected to succeed John Barradell as BHCC Chief Executive.  Does this reflect a NEED which must be addressed by the city council? brighton-and-hove-city-council-chooses-new-chief-executive/17554 
3.10.12    BHCC needs to identify properties in its portfolio which it can sell.  Extraordinary that considerations of the sale of Kings House and Hove Town Hall should be buried in an agenda items about staffing ‘Workstyles’ sale-of-hove-town-hall-and-council-hq-being-considered/17549
4.9.12       News concerning Grade I Listed All Saints Church in The Drive friends-fund-10k-restoration-of-fabric-of-hove-church/17139  
2.9.12       Having been spurned by the Chair of the Planning Committee, news came (after much questioning, lobbying and finally, even resort to FOI, it has to be said) that the petition had been passed on and would now be considered and replied to by the Economic Development and Culture Committee on 20 September petition-to-protect-historic-hove-site-to-be-considered-by-councillors/17101
21.8.12    Rob Starr’s upcoming scheme for King Alfred redevelopment – in much greater detail than in the saveHOVE home page article  hove-business-boss-prepares-to-share-his-king-alfred-dreams/16891
9.8.12      Presentation of the 321 signature petition seeking a Planning Brief for the Medina House site hove-petitioners-seek-protection-for-historic-seafront-site/16663
17.4.12    Eon begin to collect data for their B&H Channel Farm planning application wind-farm-survey-mast-put-up-south-east-of-brighton-and-hove/14392
4.4.12      The Park House decision hove-park-flats-approved-after-four-year-battle/14096
29.3.12    BHCC seeks jumpstart for stalled i360 brighton-i360-offered-financial-lifeline/13931
17.3.12   The Coalition Government’s  NHS Reform Bill health-reform-campaigners-hold-protest-outside-hove-mps-office/13683
9.3.12    45 Empty Homes to be brought back into use
22.2.12  Portzed planners-reject-hove-eco-homes/13217 
17.2.12  ….B&Hthinking around this offshore plan wind-farm-plans-go-on-show-in-brighton/13132