Letters to the Argus

Links to Letters are no longer put here routinely because the Argus rarely puts them online on its website any more.   Pre-2016 links do not work because the Argus changed its template.  Use dates to search their site.
01.11.18       Advice about the level of engagement needed making application responses
21.12.16      Agreement with Brighton Society Chair about Anston, Texaco planning policy failures and bad decision-making by BHCC in agreeing planning consents
13.10.14      This letter pulls no punches and throws down the gauntlet.  It makes judgments quite breathtakingly whilst swinging wildly, missing the mark, but landing a few good uns! City_planners_are_no_good/
3.6.14          Support from New Zealand for shoehorning 630 pupil Spanish Free School into Hove Park Depot!  Hove_Park_school_development_supported_from_afar
1.5.14           West Pier Arches restrictions/rental compared/contrasted with Street outlets. Rates_of_new_seafront_Arches_premises_will_price_out_our_entrepreneurs/
25.4.14        Pauline Robertson & Liz Brunt answer Peter Poole and make further arguments Figures_still_questionable_over_i360/
18.4.14        Peter Poole suggest alternative BHCC investment strategy using Public Works Loan Board cash (instead of i360)  Public_works_money_could_have_salvaged_Brighton_s_Hippodrome/
17.4.14       Colin Beard briefs on reasons to refuse Spanish school app #2 for Hove Park site Write_to_the_council_about_second_Bilingual_School_application/
11.3.14       Seven letters about the i360 loan decision Loan_approved___but_take_the_longer_view_with_the_i360/
20.9.13     School Places.  As Hove gets more spaces, so Portslade places are not taken up. We_have_enough_Hove_school_places/
18.9.13      School Places.  No need for specialist language school.  We_need_normal__not_specialist__schools/
13.9.13      School Places.  Two letters  Bilingual_Primary_School_points/
11.9.13   School Places.  Bilingual School propaganda.  Two letters. Put_pupils_before_politics_and_approve_Bilingual_Primary_School_for_Brighton_and_Hove/
2.9.13       Hove Park’s value over the proposed bilingual school is spelt out We_must_treasure_our_city___s_green_spaces_____not_build_schools_on_them/
25.7.13     Lloyd Rd resident’s analysis of proposed ‘landlocked’ bilingual school for Hove Park Refuse_the_application_for_a_bilingual_school_at_Hove_Park_site/?ref=arc
5.7.13       University expansion creates problems for B&H University_of_Sussex_expansion_is_not_good_news_for_Brighton_s_housing_needs/
29.5.13     Three post KA public meeting reaction letters Keep_the_King_Alfred_as_it_is there_is_lots_of_potential_for_improvement/   
30.4.13      A considered assessment of B&H compared with Worthing, etc. Brighton_and_Hove_now_faces_a_race_to_evolve/#commentsList
22.9.12      In reply to Adam Trimingham/Tim Ridgway articles in The Argus concerning the expulsion of Cllr Christina Summers from the Administration benches:  Low_administration_confidence___/#commentsList
25.4.12       In reply to those wanting a skating rink/new leisure centre at King Alfred – a caution and a suggestion for resiting a replacement centre in the Newtown Road/Ellen Street area close to Hove Station:  A_high_water_table_will_affect_development_in_the_city_area/
18.4.12      Four letters on the theme of leisure centre failings, King Alfred in particular, with the issue of need for a skating rink once again raised by Patricia Ginman:  Four_reactions_to_the_King_Alfred_Leisure_Centre/ 
21.7.03      The complaint about rabbit hutch size flats for humans has been made for years & years now.  This  2003 Argus letter accuses the Green Party Archive/5107771.Selling_out/