7.9.16          The Sun – the Gilmour plans for Medina House & protest note
7.9.16          The Times – Protest note against Medina House demolition by the Gilmours
6.9.16          Daily Mail – Protest note against the Gilmour demolition plans for Medina House
6.9.16          The Telegraph – Polly Samson & David Gilmour Medina House project
12.1.16         London Evening Standard – Sir Terry Farrell weighs in against Paddington Pole
22.12.15      London Evening Standard – Simon Jenkins on the newly reg. Paddington Pole application
9.12.15         Historic England condemns Renzo Piano’s Paddington Pole
27.10.15      London Evening Standard – Simon Jenkins on Paddington pole by Renzo Piano
20.10.15      London Evening Standard prints Paddington Pole developer’s bullshit claims
28.8.15        Guardian Wkend magazine article on i360 which makes local opinion plain (!)
4.1.15            Rowan Moore’s misery and exasperation with the word ‘iconic’ and the fools who buy into it’s use to sell planning proposals – provoked by his dismay at the existence of the intrusive  city and sky bully that is London’s inappropriate Walkie Talkie building
13.4.14         i360 campaign highlighted by the Sunday Telegraph High-price-to-pay-Observation-tower-divides-Brighton
20.12.13     Golliwogs/Cllr Barnett on trial at a Standards Panel: reported in the Daily Mail  Tory-councillor-72-ordered-undertake-diversity-training-claiming-golliwogs-nostalgic-not-racist  
20.8.13       The Guardian reports on Govt’s middle finger move concerning minimum space standards.  Who are they kowtowing to in making this move? minister-rabbit-hutch-homes?commentpage=1
6.7.13          The Guardian on global water supplies and useage:  is it all downhill from here?
16.4.13        The Guardian on Eric Pickles further loosening of Planning Law and the RIBA Homewise campaign seeking Space and Light