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26.10.18     Tory cllrs get a skewed truth into the Argus whilst complaining about being left out of the Crest Nicholson/BHCC talks about deadline to sign DA
4.6.18           Argus Comment on the Council u-turn re emailed planning responses
2.6.18           Council leader intervenes to reinstate right to email plannng responses
31.5.18          BHCC blame GDPR need; but ther councils ALLOW emailed planning responses
5.4.18            Brighton Society reaction to BHCC behaviour over Hove Library planning consent
6.4.18           Criticism of the delegated powers decision by BHCC to grant itself HoveLibrary Listed building consent to remove listed shelving.
21.4.18         Post Full Council report on 3xPQ/Petition/Notice of Motion ruckus
4.1.17            The Argus report on the saveHOVE revelations in New Years Day post on King Alfred
4.1.17            Cut to book fund – further threat to Hove Carnegie Library
3.1.17            Public exclusion from attending publicly accessible Brighton & Hove City Council meetings
2.1.17            New design for Sackville Hotel site panned by The Regency Society
15.12.16        Three massive, city-altering horror-schemes get planning consent – Texaco, Anston, Brighton Station
12.12.16        Be tougher on developers not including/resisting inclusion of afforable housing in schemes
15.11.16        MATSIM evasion of affordable housing provision for 1-3 Ellen Street by Hove Station
13.11.16        MATSIM up to 17 storey scheme for 1-3 Ellen Street
16.9.6           First CGI image released to the press for the Polly Samson Medina plan
6.9.16            Medina House – Polly Samson and David Gilmour aims and wishes
6.9.16            Medina House – protester note against demolition
19.8.16          New scheme for the Kingsway Texaco site, including Alibi Pub
24.3.16         Full Council split, but agrees to close & sell the Hove Carnegie Library
12.3.16          Choice of King Alfred developer is irreversible says Cllr Nemeth
11.3.16           Argus invites reader views on the failed LCE King Alfred bid design
11.3.16           LCE upload their losing bid designs for King Alfred
6/7.2.16       Tim Ridgway moans about the KA design & insults Rob Starr & others
6.2.16           Dr. Geoff Mead and Samer Bagaeen weigh in to pan King Alfred architecture
5.2.16           Rob Starr says he rejected “Gehryesque” in favour of “Brightonesque” for KA
4.2.16           Local architects and Council Leader respond to negative King Alfred reaction
3.2.16           The King Alfred plans defended
2.2.16           The first drawings and video fly-through images for the King Alfred
23.1.16         Five basejumpers break in and parachute from the i360 pole
23.1.16         Rob Starr pledges to see the King Alfred redevelopment to completion
22.1.16         A few details emerge about the successful King Alfred bid
21.1.16          The Starr Trust is chosen to redevelop the King Alfred
31.12.15       Sackville Hotel Site Application submitted 7.12.15 cannot be registered: invalid
8.12.15         Peter Wynne Rees, CBE, Professor negative view of Sackville Hotel Site proposal
19.11.15        Plans for a 17 storey barrel-tower unveiled for Sackville Hotel site
30.10.15      Hope for Medina House as ownership transfers to David Gilmour & Polly Samson
31.8.15         Private School responsible for death of 14 TPO protected Elm trees gets away scot-free
22.8.15         New Hove MP seeks to convert shop into constituency office and community hub
6.8.15           Death of a Brighton cultural and civilian newspaper legend
16.7.15         BHCC application to EWI-clad and render brick-faced Clarendon & Ellen Estate refused
11.3.15          Another Medina House application gets refused & CPO petition gets a plug
10.2.15         The revised local list of landmarks and heritage buildings is now drafted and out to public consultation
2.1.15             UKIP weigh in to support compulsory purchase of Medina House
31.12.14        Compulsory purchase Medina House – a saveHOVE petition
23.12.14        New Planning Application BH2014/03898 for Medina House
21.12.14        Investigation into Medina House arson is launched
20.12.14       The first report of the 2nd arson on Medina House this day
5.11.14           8000 Sussex dwelling are second homes for Londoners.  A tax on all their houses!
5.11.14           Benfield Golf Course development proposal for 380 homes on it
3.11.14           Argus Editor Michael Beard is throwing in the towel…leaving end of November
3.11.14           Business is not so good in the refurbished West Pier Arches because of the i360
30.10.14       Paul Zara, ‘sky-rise’ housing, and a public debate event
11.9.14           Scheme unveiled to replace Newtown Road derelict factory area Plans_to_bring_59_flats__six_family_homes_and_office_space_to_Hove_in___9m_project_revealed/
24.7.14          OFSTED joins EFA in critical reports on the Spanish Bilingual Primary School – ‘needs to improve’ rating of 3
5.7.14            The sick and grim absurdity of the cost of housing in Brighton & Hove now Can_you_afford_to_live_in_city__Special_report_into_housing_market/
20.6.14          Brighton i360 Ltd new CEO spins out sickening total bullshit to cover the fact their loser project had no credibility, so no private finance,  and relies on £4m from an LEP loan and £36.2m from BHCC whilst Marks Barfield have contributed £6m along the way.  Big effing deal.    i360_boss_speaks_exclusively_about_her_confidence_in_the_seafront_tower/
19.6.14            Marks Barfield’s arms length i360 financial/delivery vehicle Brighton i360 Ltd. now has the PWLB-via-BHCC lolly it could not persuade any investor in the entire world to contribute towards getting its vile i360 built.  That’s them and the reviled West Pier Trust off the hook then!  And just a matter of time before BHCC taxpayers pick up the tab now.  i360_loan_is_banked___attraction_to_open_by_summer_2016/
5.4.14             City college in trouble, regardless of redevelopment plans City_College_Brighton_and_Hove_facing__financial_crisis_/
27.3.14           Seafront Scrutiny Panel: a report that reflects chronic underfunding and consequences regardless of political party in power – a scandal Brighton_seafront_could_close_if_repair_funds_are_not_found/
17.3.14          Alternative use for the i360 site from comedian Phil Lucas NASA_launch_pad_opposite_West_Pier_proposed_as_alternative_to_i360
14.3.14          How the i360 Petition is getting along! Hundreds_sign_online_petition_against_i360_loan_agreement
12.3.14          The i360 Petition Petition_calls_on_Government_to_refuse_i360_loan
6.3.14             Policy & Resources agree to borrow to lend £36.2m to build i360 Council_gives_i360_green_light_with___36m_government_loan 
28.2.14          Surely not….. surely NOT !!!? Report_reveals_council_to_offer_another___21_4m_for_i360_in_Brighton
18.1.14           A possible £36m council loan to build the i360? Surely not…. i360_back_on_track/
20.12.13        Standards panel find Cllr Barnett guilty of misconduct for comments on golliwogs Hangleton_councillor_brought_council_into_disrepute_says_council_hearing
29.11.13        Good Golly, Mr. Golliwog has caused a fuss and a half at BHCC  Free_speech__and_the_right_to_counter_it__is_fundamental/?action=successt here
10.10.13       New Medina House horror design/application….how many is it now? Anger_over_new_eight_storey_tower_scheme_for_Medina_House_in_Hove/?action=success
3.8.13            Neighbourhood Plan consultation for Rottingdean Residents_to_get_say_on_Rottingdean_future/
11.7.13           Bilingual Spanish/English proposal for section of Hove Park First_image_of_scheme_to_build_new_Brighton_bilingual_school/
5.7.13            King Alfred redevelopment specifications from the Project Board ahead of agreement at Policy & Resources 11.7.13 Four_year_wait_for_new___40m_King_Alfred_leisure_centre_in_Hove/?ref=mr
26.6.13         Pupil input towards Cardinal Newman expansion Pupils_help_design_new___3_6_million_sixth_form_at_Brighton_school/
10.6.13         Resistance to the use of the Hove Park gardeners’ depot for a Spanish/English Free School Hove_residents_opposed_to_bilingual_school_move_from_Falmer_to_The_Droveway/
2.6.13           Medina Fire repeated and slightly updated, plus a brief video to look at Arson_not_ruled_out_at_historic_Medina_House_baths/
31.5.13         Hove MP photo and brief first report of Medina House fire Medina_House_in_Hove_on_fire/
27.5.13        Adam Trimingham’s pre-King Alfred Esplanade history briefing! Mix_of_old_and_new/?ref=erec
26.5.13       The KA public meeting at Hove Town Hall, called by Hove MP Brighton_and_Hove_council_accused_of_standing_in_the_way_of_Hove_leisure_centre_improvement/
26.5.13        Hyde Martlet fingered for brutal grounds clearance/habitat desruction at Park House Fears_development_is_harming_badger_community_in_Hove/
21.5.3          Mike Holland to make a 2nd planning attempt to put ice skating at The Engineerium  Businessman_is_still_fighting_to_get_Hove_ice_rink_approved
4.5.13         The room sizes debate and RIBA space & light campaign.  NB this was in the print edition on 30th April.   Our_homes_keep_shrinking/
24.4.13      Anston House very tall tower blocks redevelopment Brighton_and_Hove_planners_reject_Anston_House_scheme/
2.3.13         Medina House Planning Brief – with defensive comment from Taghan Planning_brief_for_historic_Hove_baths__will_cause_delay
1.2.13         Full Council on 31.1.13  approved the City Plan, Part 1  Brighton_and_Hove_blueprint_till_2030_approved/?action=success
20.11.12     Bullying ‘I want’ canoe storage plans bring Celeb musician, David Gilmour, great shame Hey!  Gilmour!  Leave that Cross alone!
16.11.12      MATSIM ‘down tools’ in a falling-out with BHCC planners BEFORE even submitting the expected Planning Application.  It will not now to be submitted for the current scheme. Rift_with_council_halts____Hove_Square____scheme/
8.11.12         What should the 8 miles of seafront look like and provide? Have_your_say_on_Brighton_and_Hove_seafront/
26.10.12      Hove MP complains the 6-month old KA  Project Board has yet to meet  No_care____for_King_Alfred/?
16.10.12       Strange Appeal decision re:  Sackville Hotel Site on Kingsway  Plans_for_Hove_s_Sackville_Hotel_site_approved_on_appeal/
15.10.12       Told you it was a tease! John_Lewis_hopes_for_Hove_development_dashed/
14.10.12      MATSIM thought to want John Lewis for Conway/Hove Station redevelopment but all developers tease the public with these carrots to gain support John_Lewis_lined_up_for_Hove_Station___100m_redevelopment/?action=success
1.10.12        saveHOVE has  achieved backing from BHCC for two planning briefs to be raised by the Council:  Medina House and the Conway Street area redevelopment Published letter from the Argus on this
25.9.12       The names of Green Councillors signing and not signing a letter to expel Cllr Christina Summer Revealed__the_Green_councillors_who_voted_to_expel_Christina_Summers/
19.9.12        Adam Trimingham ‘Sage of Sussex’ condemnation of Greens expelling Cllr Summers from the Administration benches, to sit apart as an Independent cllr Outrageous____to_oust__councillor_over_views/
18.9.12        Tim Ridgway announces formal expulsion and spells out the price the Greens will pay for taking Cllr Christina Summers off the Administration bench Green_councillor_s_expulsion_could_lead_to_Brighton_council_shake_up/
23.8.12       Three different would-be development plans for King Alfred Performing_arts_centre_proposal_for_Hove_leisure_site/
8.5.12          Medina House enforcement notice & latest ‘plans’ from Taghan 3_million_plan_for_bath_house_site/
7.5.12          Two i360 letters of astonishment re: £14m BHCC proposed ‘loan’ with good comments trail.
20.4.12       A new Project Board to be tasked with looking again at the King Alfred site and considering its future Study_approved_for_future_of_King_Alfred_leisure_centre/
4.4.12          The Park House Decision Hove_flats_approved_after_four_year_battle/
16.3.12        Saturday Demo outside Conservative Office in Church Road near Hove Town Hall Health_reform_plans_protest_in_Hove/
13.3.12        The Sackville Hotel site                                       Plans_for_homes_on_old_Hove_hotel_site_rejected/
9.3.12          Mobile Library service: funding shortfall Future_remains_unclear_for_Brighton_and_Hove_mobile_library/  
25.3.08 Police_admit_defeat_in_West_Pier_arson_investigation/
29.3.03      The morning after the West Pier arson How_pier_blaze_took_hold/