Billed and promoted as zero-carbon, the proposed scheme was recommended for refusal.  After only a short presentation, 3 objection speeches plus one from the devloper, and with little debate, the Planning Committee unanimously agreed the recommendation. 
Valerie Paynter spoke for saveHOVE and reported that the Port wished to clear the western arm of port business and would welcome a discussion with the PortZed developer to consider a resiting of their proposed zero carbon development there – opposite the north shore of Shoreham Beach. 
Planning Consultant, Les Robinson, spoke for Mackleys Wharf opposite the Basin Road North part of the proposed Portzed site. 
Sue Moffatt spoke for the residents group formed to oppose the development – Kingsway and West Hove Residents Association. Their concerns include overbearing bulk, helical turbines problems and overshadowing of the development.
Bill Dunster of the Zed Factory spoke for the developers.  The most probing of the questioning to him came from Cllrs Geoffrey Bowden, Cllr Leigh Farrow and Cllr Carol Theobald.  Cllr Theobald asked how close the helical turbines were to balconies but he diverted attention to another issue. 
The truth is that a naughty little boy on one of those balconies might be tempted to chuck things into the turbines to watch those things splatter, fly apart or jam the turbines!  They are that close.
The Port Masterplan no longer seeks housing at the Hove Lagoon end of the Port which is now wanted for leisure/employment-led redevelopment.  A Planning Brief is in preparation – public consultation expected by summer.
Developer Colin Brace has promised to look into the possibility of re-siting this scheme on the Western Arm of the Port of Shoreham.  Something the Planning Director of the Port has said he would welcome discussing.
Maybe the old idea of a Media Village can be revived for this area.