Live and Decided Planning Applications

If you are not aware ot it, please note that there is now yet another version of the Planning Register which the Council is tinkering with.   Here is the link (for however long it lasts)

Please note that to get an application determined by planning committee councillors there must be 5 objections if the officer recommendation is to grant.  If the recommendation is to refuse, then there must be 5 letters of support to take it to commmittee.  Most applications are determined under delegated powers by officers. 
Please Note!!  There are often as not NO neighbour consultation notification letters going out now.  Just site notices and adverts in B & H Independent which is available on a Friday at Hove Library or one newsagent in Blatchington Road ONLY.  Practice has changed so that if they want to, they can just ignore comments received after the formally advertised public consultation period.  The practise of accepting and considering responses right up to decision is history (can be many months after the end of the formal consultation period, so it is just sadistic).  They USED to take responses right up to decision week.
Councillors must make requests for applications to go to committee for determination within the formal (usually 21 days )of consultation.  Officers have changed how they operate and no longer consider such requests beyond the formal period for consultation and unless the 5 objections rule is adhered to BEFORE the formal consultation expiry date they will refuse to send the application to committee even if they do not decide it for many, many, many months after.  Watch this space.  Cllrs are not happy about this sudden treachery and ‘delegated powers’ grab in 2018.  But they are unlikely to have the backbone to change it.
UPDATE!  At the June 2018 Economic Development & Culture mtg it was agreed that in future all applications for Listed Buildings will automatically go to Committee for decision. This is fine as long as applicants and officers actually acknowledge Listed status.  Applicants dodge and inexperienced or overworked officers overlook FAR too often.  Capische?  It means WE have to notice and WE have to formally draw it to officer attention with objections.  And to complain!


BHCC withdrew ability to email responses (sometimes with photo evidence!), insisting we only use a 2000 character box in the new planning register where you must register with a password to submit a response.  And saveHOVE successfully fought it……
UPDATE.  See What the Papers Say (Argus) for 3 articles resulting in a BIG u-turn on this.  Emailed responses (with photos, etc), sent to  are being acknowledged and accepted.  ALWAYS include photos to back up claims if possible.  Never ask questions in responses and expect an answer.  Questions?  Ring the planner between 2-4pm

LIVE Planning Applications

29-31 New Church Road – BH2018/02126 Demolition of synagogue and buildings & erection blocks of flats, terrace 10 houses, synagogue, social hall, cafe, classrooms, work spaces, etc.  (see posted briefing of 0.7.18 for more). Registered 5th July so comments must be in by early/mid August latest to be considered. DECIDED – Cttee consent agreed subject to s 106 signing

Land at Lyon  Close (off Davigdor Road) – BH2018/01738 Demolition of buildings and erection of 4 blocks to contain 163 flats and 938 sq m of B1(a) employment space.  98 market flats and 65 affordable in a mix of 1-3bed flats (total of 265 bedrooms).  Registered 27.6.18 – so comments only till 17 July will be tolerated by planners.  DECIDED 6.3.19 Planning Cttee consent agreed

Kings House….Listed application BH2018/00869 and Full Planning application BH2018/00868 Demolition of the 1980’s extension down Grand Avenue, conversion of Listed Kings House to flats with two newbuild blocks to the rear, one fronting Grand Avenue, the other fronting Second Avenue.  Responses received after 24 April (the 21 day deadline)  may not be considered.  The convention of considering responses up to decision has been stopped.  Please ensure you make two responses – one for each application.



Consented at Planning Committee

Hove Library – BH2018/00469 Internal alterations to lower ground floor & external alterations to rear ground floor including construction of new wall with balustrade, landscaping & associated works to facilitate the conversion to children’s day nursery (D1) Only 8 people have objected as at 29.5.18
Hove Library – BH2018/01123 Alterations to the rear garden area incorporating new steps, handrail and landing for use bychildren’s day nursery. There are 40 objections as as 29.5.18

Decided and agreed under Delegated Powers

BH2017/03160  Medina House had 19 conditions attached to consent for demolition and the newbuild of a house on its footprint.   Conditions 11 & 12 address access and construction logistics as well as the Construction & Environment Management Plan.  Regrettably the BHCC Conservation officer failed here too.  No comment.  But the CMP called for ‘complete demolition’.  Our efforts, after being tipped off by an observant Sussex Rd resident,  got an amendment which merely indicates retention of the north-eastern back wall and tiles but a lot more info is NEEDED.  How will they do this so they are not damaged and how will they incorporate that wall section into the newbuild?  Read the officer report here.

Decided and refused under Delegated Powers

BH2018/00070 The Hove Station carwash seeks  2 canopies to oversail the carwashing area in front of the original Cliftonville RailwayStation building by its horse trough (filled in and lettering anglepoised off after the carwash was installed some years back now).  Regrettably a consent in the summer gave them one canopy at the side of the site adjacent the petrol station building.  In both cases BHCC Conservation and the applicant have neglected to seek Listed Building consent, only Hove Station Conservation Area consent.  Both the Railway station an Ralli Hall are impacted and this carwash does not enhance the setting of either historic asset. Read the officer report here.

Decided and agreed under Delegated Powers

BH2017/03940    Hove Carnegie Library, 182-186 Church Road, Hove BN3 2EG.  Removal of the radiating book stacks at the rear of the ground floor level to be replaced with new staff work rooms ground floor and at first floor level, new toilet facilities to lower ground floor, etc  This application was sneakily agreed under delegated powers on 20th March, two months after the expiry of the 21ish days period of formal consultation, ignoring the Cllr request to take it to committee and 13 objections that would normally take it to committee.  See post on the home page or archive dated 03.04.18 and the one for 04.04.18.  Read the officer report here.


20.1.18 Further Update on Ellen Street:  No appeal has been published but there may still be one.  The bus company were provided with details about what happened at planning and are not one bit happy that they were never consulted by BHCC (adjacent business) or MATSIM.

Update:  This application was recommended for refusal on insufficient affordable housing grounds.  In spite of cllrs and the CAG rep & architect, Jeremy Mustoe, pointing out other grounds for refusal that needed to be added, the vote on the recommendation was taken without amendments and additions being raised and agreed ahead of it.  A lot of misleading, inattentive and/or negligent and irresponsible behaviour (HSNF, Cllr O’Quinn, Chair of Planning, Council lawyer) was responsible for a very poor show.  Hints galore in the Agenda report made it clear the sole grounds given for refusal were not enough.  Were Planning officers leaned on?  Under untoward pressure from other areas of the council?

I spy with my little eye….loss of independence and integrity in the Planning Dept. which looks exactly like that which wrecked it 2005-7 when the King Alfred application from Karis resulted in huge senior planning officer losses (voted with their feet) and following a multi-signature email from over a dozen planning officers asking those pressuring them to go against their professional judgment to back off. 

NB: This application is likely to be Appealed or else the applicants will cave in on the affordable figure and they will get consent.  A VERY bad application, which will create real chaos and loss of local amenity could still go ahead here.  Crap design too.  Really tense and stressful to look at – like its architect.

3.8.16           BH2016/0263    1-3 Ellen Street in front of Hove Station  Demolition of existing commercial units (B8) and erection of buildings ranging from four storeys to seventeen storeys in height comprising a mixed use development of no.188 residential apartments (C3), 1,988 sqm of offices (B1) and 226sqm of retail (A1) with car parking at basement level. 

Formal period for consultation responses is now expired BUT PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUBMIT VIEWS AFTER READING THE HOME PAGE POST (tag Hove Station), READING THE PLANNING STATEMENT,  THE DESIGN & ACCESS STATEMENT, THE TRANSPORT STATEMENT.  Objections can be taken right up to decision at Planning Committee date if the application is not withdrawn.  Target decision date given online is 28 October, but it could come sooner though cannot see anything being decided before mid-end September.

Older.  Information only now

8.11.16         BH2016/05893  Medina House, 9 Kings Esplanade, Hove   Demolition of Medina House.  Erection of a five-bedroom family home over two and a half  floors, plus basement.  This goes to Committee for determination on 8th March 2017 with a recommendation ‘Minded to Grant’.  This application was agreed by the Planning Committee, subject to signing of s106 and 19 Conditions.  Eleven cllrs sat, one abstained, 5 voted against, 5 for and Chair’s casting vote won it for the developer.

14.12.16          BH2016/02756    The former Texaco garage site, 133 Kingsway Hove & 22 Victoria Terrace Hove

Demolition of existing garage and shop. Erection of 55no dwellings between 2 and 9 storeys(C3) and 375sqm of Commercial space (A1) at ground floor level. Conversion of existing public house to flexible commercial use (A1/A4) at ground floor level and 4no dwellings on the first, second and third floors with associated parking and landscaping.  Target decision date is given online as 25th October.
Formal period for consultation responses is now expiring BUT PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUBMIT VIEWS to AFTER READING THE HOME PAGE POST (tag Texaco), THE PLANNING STATEMENT,  THE DESIGN & ACCESS STATEMENT, THE TRANSPORT STATEMENT.  Objections can be made right up to planning committee sitting if the application is not withdrawn.  No decision date is likely to be set before mid-end September –  Planning Committee Agreed  5-4 with abstentions on 14th December at Committee.  The evidence about access and egress, parking and street/esplanade use was well presented by speakers but at this stage it was too late.  A good enough level of evidence from residents on the esplanade was not provided during the Consultation stage BEFORE the officer recommendation.  Waiting till the committee is sitting is leaving it too late.  This development will rob the rear of Bath Court and St. Aubyns Mansions as well rear patios of Sussex Road and the rear of Victoria Terrace of their summer sun (which sets over land up to the Downs by late June.  In winter it sets over the sea so now they will get winter light levels year round and in some cases the officer actually put in the report, would lose already inadequate light to some premises. Consent remains subject to as yet unsigned s106 and Conditions
27.1.16               The Sackville Hotel site at 189 Kingsway, Hove   This application, submitted on 7th December 2015 and given a planning number to give it a place on the planning register the next day, was finally validated on the 25th of January, with registration on the 27th of JanuaryWITHDRAWN but at the time of writing (Sept), design workshop consultations have taken placwith residents and representatives from resident groups ahead of Hyde’s intention to submit a new application for a new scheme, using a new architect.  See 16.3.17 article on Feb/March pre-app feedback consultation.
6.1.15                   Holy Trinity Church, Blatchington Road – Listed Application BH2014/04361 Full Planning Application BH2014/04360 seeks conversion to a Group GP practice, removal of the huge fig tree and demolition of sections of the Listed flint wall to create a Goldstone Villas entrance and pharmacy block.  NB Reports via tag cloud and in ‘Site Watch’  CONSENTED and an ongoing building site over the spring/summer of 2016 and into 2017.  It is expected to open in April 2017 as I write.
22.12.14              Medina House 9 Kings Esplanade  –  Planning Application BH2014/03898 seeks demolition of existing building and erection of a part 3 part 4 storey block of 8no two bedroom flats with basement car parking and cycle storage and relocation of on-street parking bays.  See articles via ‘Medina House’ in tag cloud.  REFUSEDNB.  The building is now in the ownership of Polly Samson.  Small groups of people were  shown plans over the summer of 2016 ahead of an exhibition in September.  Demolition and a single dwelling are proposed for the Gilmour family.
                               Hove Business Centre (within former Dubarry Perfume Factory) Fonthill Road BH2015/03742 9 flats for the roof, closed walkway northside access – decision deferred by committee pending further noise assessment.  No committee date for return is likely before June because of the May elections.
                                Hove Business Centre (within former Dubarry Perfume Factory) Fronthill Road BH2014/01981 9 flats for the roof, open walkway access northside WITHDRAWN 
w/e 18.1.13          Medina House 9 Kings Esplanade Planning Application BH2013/03410 
Demolition of existing building and erection of an 8 storey block containing 8no. two, three and four bedroom self contained flats with basement car port.  REFUSED.  NO APPEAL  ATTEMPTED
w/e 27.9.13             Cottage, Hove Recreation Ground Shirley Drive Hove. Planning Application BH2013/02917 seeks restoration, decking and re-use as a cafe open 7am to 7pm daily.  APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS.  BH2014/00052, raised for Conditions 6, 7, 8, 9, was part refused on 7.3.14 due to lack of information.
24.6.13                     Hove Police Station, Holland Road.  Planning Application BH2013/01860 seeks to convert the vacated police station to a junior school. APPROVED AND IN INCREMENTAL, STAGED USE.
w/e 21.6.13             Aldrington C of E School   Planning Application  BH2013/01720 “Extensions and alterations to school buildings including erection of two storey block and creation of link corridor, erection of single storey extension to school hall, erection of single storey extension and creationof new main entranceto school.  Internal remodelling, creation of new parking spaces, landscaping, alteration to West bounday and associated works”.
w/e 14.6.13            Cardinal Newman RC school, The Upper Drive, Hove     Planning Application BH2013/01693  Erection of a new three-storey detached building to the north of the existing school, alterations to existing Newman building, relocation of 40 car parking spaces to south east corner and associated works.
w/e 7.6.13               British Engineerium, The Droveway, Hove re-submission with issues addressed (apparently) of application to site an ice skating rink at the Engineerium with etceteras.  See details in the BHCC Planning Register.
Infinity Warehousing area Norway Street, Portslade BH2013/01278 Demolition of existing buildings and construction of a 3-storey commercial building (class B1 office space) and 2-3 storey buildings to form 31 dwellings with associated car parking, access and landscaping works.
Land to rear of 1-2 Victoria Terrace Kingsway within  Spa Court carpark, Kings Esplanade, Hove  BH2012/03464
Application for variation of condition 2 of application BH2011/03375, (Refurbishment of building including replacement of existing roof with new copper roof and rooflights, external rendering and construction of boat store adjacent to entrance ramp) to permit revisions to approved drawings to relocate memorial cross and enlargement of canoe store.
Used as  storage in recent times, formerly as a studio for Constance Ida Verner, formerly thought to have been a coach house to Victoria Terrace.  These premises were until about 2009 linked by a glass-covered stairway from 1-2 Victoria Terrace.  The owner removed the stairway without planning consent.  The little building was thereby and then, as property, severed from 1-2 and sold to current owner Hoveco, director David Pink Floyd Gilmour.  Consent to convert to a music studio with canoe storage was obtained.  And protection of a stone gravestone/memorial cross in the adjacent wall was to remain untouched.  Unfortunately great chunks were hacked out of the surround before neighbours went mad and stopped David Gilmour’s LCE architects’ builders doing worse.  Lies were told that the council gave verbal consent to remove the cross.  Now there is a planning application to remove it and put it where they don’t have to look at Hove’s priceless bit of inconvenient heritage.
Hoveco now seek to remove the memorial/gravestone from the wall behind 5 Medina Terrace and adjacent to the proposed canoe storage as part of amendments to the existing consent.  Is it inconvenient to have to look at it?
1-2 Victoria Terrace:  Full Planning Application BH2012/01140 seeks renewal of application BH2009/00262 which was erroneously granted without either the applicant declaring or BHCC noticing that it is a Listed building requiring a separate Listed planning application to accompany it.  Comments should be made before 12th May 2012.  Demand a Listed application be raised for starters.  Listed features have been ruthlessly stripped out without consent already. 
Flat 6, Courtenay House, Courtenay Terrace:  Full Planning Application BH2012/00196 and Listed Planning Application BH2012/00195 seek alternations to fensestration and installation of a roof lantern which will alter the exterior appearance of this listed building along with extension of flat and associated alterations including removal of water tank enclosure.
6 Hove Park Gardens:  BH2012/01086 seeks to instal a garage on the area of frontage where the applicant has already stripped out frontage trees in the bird nesting and breeding season, without any planning consent.  
Aldrington Recreation Ground, Wish Road:  BH2012/01060 seeks to turn the building housing public toilets, changing rooms and gardeners store into a cafe and to change windows, create a bin store for the cafe and install roller shutter.  Very urban.  And removal of existing facilities is inhuman.  Where do you go for a pee after you’ve had the teas and coffees?  No loo, no cafe.  Simple.  You really must object as saveHOVE has.  
The Sackville Hotel site, 189 Kingsway, Hove:   BH2012/00982 is the 2nd application in 2012 and it appears, one suspects as an attempt to overturn the refusal of the previous one (for details, the  Post and site watch entries for the Sackville Hotel) by using the new National Planning Policy Framework relaxing of controls.  Cheaper than going to Appeal.  
BH2012/00782 – 11B (Former Ice Rink) and 11 Queen Square Brighton   Demolition of former Ice Rink and number 11 QueenSquare and erection of a 5no. storey 56 room serviced apartment hotel with a restaurant/café at lower ground floor level and associated ancillary facilities, incorporating creation of outside seating area, new service area, 3no. car parking space and cycle spaces.