For some residents this has proved to be the most user-unfriendly part of the BHCC planning department.  You will be rebuffed if you go anywhere near them by ordinary email or telephone.  All they want is this form, preferably with a photo – emailed to them.  Don’t waste your breath using the advertised phone number.  You MUST use the form.
Scroll past the self-congratulatory ‘news’ to access the useful bits here:  http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/index.cfm?request=b1158984

The Planning Committee Agenda of 18.7.12 contained Enforcement’s annual report .  Fascinating to read….but tables at the end not clear (!) concerning the s215 notice on Medina House is a puzzle not in the chronological space it should be and when it is jammed in months later it is given as September when it is our understanding it was raised in November.

The Report is worth saving somewhere as it gives a lot of the info you need if thinking of reporting a property to Enforcement or concerned about their activities.