Various Experts

1.      The NHBC Foundation does research and advises housebuilders on the zero carbon dream and producing an eco-home….You can’t just use the word.  You may be designing in problems like overheating, etc.  Still an experiment producing new knowledge which this collection of experts aims to disseminate.
2.      Flint Walls?  Bungaroosh garden/interior walls?  Have a look at this Lewes-based firm for starters and an understanding of the subject:
3.      Heritage-House.  Serious expertise.  Read and learn about the condensation, the rising damp con and what not to do. Very entertaining writing style too.  You’ll love it.
4.      The Cast Iron Brick Company should be replacing exterior air  ventilation coverings and not B&Q or Homebase grilles intended for internal wall use.   Mears, contractors to BHCC have put bizarre objects into walls after making holes in them for ‘ventilation’ to relieve damp in affected rooms and all it does is freeze out teh residents and show up the council as incompetent.   No Listed building or building in a conservation area should have anything other than the real McCoy put in so check out what can be achieved here 
5.      About Cards.  This visual reference with backstory website is a goldmine of reference material for different periods when cards and postcard graphic art was fabulous but also used for photographic references.  What goes round comes round and today we are again having a ‘moment’ for graphic art in cards.  But look through these when hunting something in particular from long ag.  It is where the golliwog imagery was found for the post on Cllr Dawn Barnett’s Standards Board problem.  They also sell on ebay under a different name.
6.     Asset Protectors.  This firm make coatings for use in the marine environment.  Suggested in a comment behind a Brighton & Hove News article about the cost of painting the seafront railings that they make a product that should be applied twice a year to protect newly restored/painted railings.