Park House

 May, 2013

UPDATE 17.11.12
4 applications were lodged in the Saturday, 17th November weekly listing of plans registered for the wk/ending 16.11.12.  These all address Conditions of Planning Consent which must be agreed.  They are out for public consultation for about 2 weeks from this date.  Issues include geology, archaeology, badgers and trees. 
Consent to demolish/newbuild 5-storey block of 71 flats with underground parking  given by Committee 4.4.12.  See pages 11-47 of the Planning Committee Report here, ‘What the Papers Said’ and Home Page blog posts. 
Natural England were contacted but persisted in refusing to respond to queries concerning its willingness to provide a licence to disturb badger setts in the vicinity of Park House.  Repeated emails were not acknowledged.
Hyde Housing’s third planning application  – reference BH2012/00114 seeks demolition of all buildings, erection of a loomingly large 5 storey block of 71 flats to cover the entire frontage close to the pavement and around into Goldstone Crescent.  Communal gardens to the north of buildings (largely in deep shade) between itself and Gannett House within Hove Park Gardens and Hove Manor on Goldstone Crescent.  Nasty zinc metal roof that spills over to cover upper wall area too.
By accessing the planning area of you can look at the planning application material. for Park House.  Unfortunately, as of 1.1.12, BHCC no longer allows residents to go to City Direct to look at hard copy as a matter of right.  Only if case officers are not working on his/her paper copies can you access a small window of opportunity to look at their paper copies by making an appointment to view application material and/or case files.  This can be for as little as an hour. 
Too much activity on this site.  Overdevelopment and stacked containers design.  A cramped wildlife corridor too close to proposed balconies.  And a massive underground car park that promises to overload Old Shoreham Road at this point with cars entering and leaving the site.
Two failed applications, a failed Appeal and one new Planning Brief later, Hyde have submitted a 3rd planning application for demolition of Park House and replacement with a block of flats which gives us virtually the same as before in terms of what they want – 71 flats!  But adding basement parking…..
At the Appeal, the Planning Inspector upheld the two refusals BUT, only on design grounds, basically.  He supported the footprint and the principle of 72 flats on this site.  Depressing beyond belief.
A new problem has arisen just behind it too,  within Hove Park Gardens. 
No. 19 Goldstone Crescent has been bought by a builder who has already put lapped fencing across the lawn to divide the street edge garage from the House backing onto Hove Park Gardens.  He has removed the HPG side fencing and built something seriously weird.  It looks like a raised bed with steps up to HPG but it has gravel over it and it is car-length….and LOOKS like it is intended for parking on.  In addition, with the fence removed it makes it hard to see what this thing is for if not for parking.  And vegetation has been removed from behind the fencing for MORE parking. This all compromises access to the rear service entrance to 5 Hove Park Gardens – the Bethesda Baptist Residential Home. 
He clearly means to repeat what David Garbutt did in 1986 at 21 Goldstone Crescent and get the House readdressed as 10 Hove Park Gardens…..and word has it has already bought that part of Hove Park Gardens from David Garbutt…..hopefully not all of it. 
Residents were advised by saveHOVE that DG would sell HPG to his friends, the homeowners within Hove Park Gardens, “if they get their act together”.  They now face traffic problems from the newbie that could block their own access….so sad. Hove Park Gardens is a total heartbreaker and the most lovely little hamlet.  But not for much longer it seems, especially if Hyde Housing get their seriously wicked way and build a massive collossus of a block of 71 flats on their Old Shoreham Road border.