Sackville Trading Estate

28.2.13  update: Coal Pensions have acquired  land adjacent to its Sackville Trading Estate holding
The area adjacent to the south of the Estate, down to the north side of the railway lines west out of Hove Station, previously in the ownership of the Warner Trust, has been bought by Coal Pensions.  P2 informs saveHOVE that they will not achieve vacant possession until 2017.  Meanwhile there is still the matter of vacant possession of the Sackville Trading Estate as well that holds up redevelopment.  Rayner optical have yet to vacate the site and remove to Worthing.
There were only 2 neighbour consultation objections but the consent could not be renewed under delegated powers; it had to go to Committee.  There are 45 Condtions of Consent of which 23 must be resolved (22-44) and discharged before development can commenced and one of which must be resolved and discharged (45) before occupancy.
The report to the Planning Committee can be read here 
Out of the ashes of Parkridge, comes P2.  David Carvey, other people and the same backers are apparently in place, taking P2 forward.
In a telephone chat with David Carvey last week it was disclosed to saveHOVE that the Coal Pension Board re-tendered for redevelopment of the Sackville Trading Centre and that P2 won the job back.
The existing planning consent expires in March, 2013 but is not going to be used on financial viability grounds and it is this writer’s understanding that level of office provision required by BHCC is a significant part of the problem.
A new scheme is to be prepared.
The Coal Pension Board own this site and planning consent, obtained for them by Parkridge, is in place to redevelop the trading estate.  The developer has sadly failed to survive the ravages of the global financial crisis.  David Carvey, now ex-Parkridge, has said he is still in touch with the Coal Pension Board and he hopes to be able to organise a new arrangement that would be able to take this redevelopment forward.
Delays to redevelopment began with the need to buy out and re-site the renowned optical firm Rayners, freeholders within the trading estate.  Rayners now own a site in Worthing and the one in Hove and are considering their position.
Alas, the combination of Rayners and the banking collapses has meant a rather nice scheme of retailers, offices with flats above it all languishes…..
The signal for seeking redevelopment was the expiry of the leaseholds within the Estate, created when the Sackville Trading Estate was built in 1985 – replacing the railway goods yard connected to Hove Station.  Traders have been getting extensions to remain but at the last time of checking were not to have leaseholds renewed or to be invited to tenant the redeveloped site again.
Bits of old track remain in waste ground between the Estate and Hove Station which would make a lovely walkway into any redeveloped Sackville Trading Estate, especially if the area designated for Waste Transfer in the Waste Local Plan and the car pound could be part of any redevelopment too.  One can dream….