The British Engineerium

In 1971, the former Goldstone Pumping Station was Grade 2 Listed five times over.       Please click the links below for description and details concerning each of the 5  separate English Heritage listings. 
Grade 2* Boiler and Engine House                                                                                                                       Grade 2 Cooling Pond and                                                                                                                                           Grade 2 Former Coal Shed                                                                                                                                   Grade 2* Chimney 2 metres south of Boiler and Engine House                                                      Grade 2 Walls enclosing the pumping station on 3 sides

February, 2018

In the wake of conviction and jailing for the death of a carpenter on one of his sites, the owner, Mike Holland, has put the Engineeriium up for sale.  This is such a sad outcome and all the money and hopes for securing the place as a museum of engineering seems lost now.  Read a small report HERE


BH2013/00135 – This temporary skating rink application for siting within the Engineerium frontage was refused on 16th May 2013 under delegated powers.
The planning application was submitted 16/01/2013, seeking erection of temporary ice rink within the Engineerium grounds from October to February for a five year period commencing October 2013. Ancillary structures to include skate hire and shop and associated plant.
This site has had 2 significant planning consents granted, one of which will see it build into the hollow right on the boundary with Hove Park at its northern end.