Victoria Terrace

Victoria Terrace is Grade 2 Listed.   Please click here to view the English Heritage Listing details.

Planning consents for Listed buildings require two planning applications, one for full planning and one for Listed consent.  It is to be regretted that in 2009 BHCC gave planning consent to John Regan for 1-2 Victoria Terrace for Full Planning only.   The applicant made no mention in application papers of it being Listed and their Heritage Statement (online) is a disgrace.  Quite why BHCC did not pick up the need to do a Listed application is not known at the time of writing (31.3.12).
There have been a number of subsequent applications, many withdrawn, and they certainly do involve Listed applications.  Two remain live.  Regan has removed a glass covered staircase from the rear (Listed) curtilege and chopped out part of a rear (Listed) wall.  Appeals over the last two or three years to Enforcement by one Medina Terrace resident (backing onto the rear area) has been mostly in vain and one officer even said to her “What’s it got to do with you”?  This is seriously unacceptable.
This has now been taken further by saveHOVE.  Both the current live applications planning officer, BHCC Conservation officer and a Conservation Advisory Group member (retired surveyor and rep for local archaeology group) are now involved.   One meeting was held on Friday 30th March and this matter will not be allowed to rest there.   Watch this space.
On 3rd April, 2012, in a telephone conversation with BHCC Senior Planner, Geoff Bennett, saveHOVE asked if the Listed application for that 2009 consent could be raised now.  Apparently, a current, live Listed application now covers that 2009 situation…more than 3 years late.