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The public ruthlessly betrayed. Closure of the Carnegie Library is all but a done deal.

13.3.16…..The Library Plan, which follows on from, and includes, the results of the public consultation on cuts to the citywide Library service, was presented to the Economic Development & Culture Committee on Thursday, 10th March, for agreement.  More respondents than … Continue reading

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Hmmm… As shortlisted King Alfred proposals go in, its chocks away for cllr Nemeth!

14th August, 2015…..  I’m not sure how appropriate it was for brand new Councillor, Robert Nemeth, to go public with an article in today’s Brighton and Hove Independent which sees him appear to seize the King Alfred Project Board ‘spokesperson’ … Continue reading

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Labour’s Power Behind a Shaky Minority throne….coming soon!

20.6.15……Now that the brand spanking new minority Labour Administration have sacked the CEO they jointly procured with the Tories and Greens back in 2012, and the press continues to report the widespread rage that she is being paid £269,000 to … Continue reading

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The First Planning Meeting 6 days after May 7 Elections

23 April 2015…..To sit on the Planning Committee, every councillor is required to undertake a basic orientation course of training.  Planning is a quasi-judicial process and involves both legislation and adopted policies (national and local).  It is also a highly … Continue reading

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Electing rookie councillors is a cost/efficiency consideration – and there will be SO MANY!

19 April 2015….Who the hell to vote for?!!!!  Which party?!  Which candidate?  Who are these people anyway!  Does it even matter?  New faces or the ones you already have?  What are the consequences?  Almost all focus at the moment is … Continue reading

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