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Hove Carnegie Library! A public meeting May 31 with officers & prospective ‘tenants’

17.5.1…..Email from Cllr AndrewWealls today informs us of the following: “….there will be a meeting on May 31st at 6pm-7.30pm, for residents hear about the changes underway and to ask questions. Please pass on through your networks. Larissa Reed, Sally … Continue reading

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Wise words about taking responsibility for who gets voted in/out of high office

02.05.18…..In an interview with ABC television, lawyer and 7th Director of the FBI, James Comey, (A Higher Loyalty, Flatiron Books, New York, 2018), made it clear he holds the American public responsible for ending the Trump presidency and that it … Continue reading

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Why is it OK for Brighton to pretend we are a city, whilst cannibalising Hove to serve itself?

24/04/18…..People rarely ask these days, but used to ask “save Hove from what?” Slow death.ย  Physical dismantlement.ย  So much.ย  Why is there a problem? The truth is, Hove was annexed by a failing Brighton Council, led by now Lord Bassam, … Continue reading

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Medina House….the goodbye photos as it is now demolished before its newbuild rebirth

15.04.18…..Residents take photos from time to time in passing and as demolition now begins… is a gallery as they come to me. 4th of March….resident wishes not to be named….. This from Jenny capturing a note of lamentation someone posted, … Continue reading

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Buildings are the clothes on a city’s back. They message what our values are, what we stand for.

13.04.18…..The Victorians and Edwardians built to reflect the confident swagger of Empire and ambitions for the prosperous future…..that’s over. But having those sturdy, built-to-last-forever reflections of a proud and important country, are still all over London (where they impress the … Continue reading

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