Directed Action – Yours!

Public Questions, Deputations to Council Meetings, Petitions and epetitions presented to Council meetings….all these avenues of access to the Council increase councillor awareness of issues and serve as ways for you to influence the Council.
BHCC offers an e-petition facility which requires registration. 

……………access Council e-petitions from here……………

Full Council meetings can take any and all petitions.  Specific Committees can only take petitions relating to their remit. 
If you choose to present to Full Council, you have the opportunity to speak not just there, to ALL councillors and on the webcam (watched by a lot of people), but your petition will then be forwarded to another meeting that covers the specific subject – where you can turn up a second time and make the case all over again – or get a councillor or MP to do it for you.
Council epetitions are published in meeting agendas and must finish online 10 days ahead of the meeting it is destined for.  For two bites at the cherry, it is recommended you specify Full Council after which petitions are forwarded to a Cabinet or other council meeting.  You are then invited to speak to the petition at this second meeting.  Two bites at the cherry!
You have to give about 10 days notice to the Administrator of your chosen committee and e-petitions must finish 10 days in advance of the committee meeting you will present it to.  This gives you a place on the agenda within which to present your petition (or get your councillor to present it).
Petitions and epetitions are presented at council meetings with a 3 minute speech, either by the petitioner or by a councillor.  Petitioners should present their own case to maximise use of the opportunity as councillors may not be ‘talented’ in this regard or even especially supportive .