Supplemenary Planning Policy Briefs

Planning Briefs are site-specific ‘rules-of-engagement’ guidance documents which sit within the Supplementary Policy Guidance/Documents  planning area.  A planning brief tells any would-be developer in some detail what  a given site can tolerate, gives a view that should save them wasting a lot of time and money on research and wrong-headed plans.  A planning brief is the only policy document that a resident can ask for or significantly input to ahead of any redevelopment of a particular site.
Getting them raised and contributing to content is something saveHOVE promotes and advises residents to become familiar with.  We achieved a 30-page Park House planning brief – but too late to prevent Hyde Housing’s monster going up.  We have now achieved a Medina House planning brief (Econ Dev & Culture 19.9.13) and BHCC have agreed to raise one for the Hove Park Depot.  The King Alfred has one (SPGBH10) along with other city sites.  Supplementary Planning Guidance (under Local Plan) is a term superceded by Supplementary Planning Documents (under Local Development Framework).  Even before the NPPF, the system was morphing.
The Council website has been re-jigged in summer 2013 and I defy you to find ‘planning briefs’ as a subject area on it.  Here is the new Planning Policy Page with a mountain of stuff just plain missing.