Public Questions

The public are entitled to attend and submit a public question to any Brighton and Hove City Council meeting.  The question must be no longer than 100 words in length and it must be submitted by noon, seven days prior to the meeting you wish to address.  There is, additionally, an un-notified opportunity to ask a supplementary question after the notified question is answered.
To see what council meetings there are, their times, dates and venues, please look at the online council diary page here:
Click on the meeting you wish to address and – apart from Full Council – please note your PQ must relate to the remit of the meeting you choose.  The council officer named on the meeting page you choose is the person to whom your PQ should be emailed using the council addressing format of first name.last to reach that person.  You will receive an acknowledgment and etc. from there.
You can choose to address a small targetted meeting or you may decide to address a Full Council meeting to ask a PQ that is relevant to any and all council business. 
Use of Full Council means having the ear of all 54 councillors and being on camera, webcast to the public (hundreds watch!).  The webcast is then archived for later viewings.  It is the arena of choice if you want maximum attention on the issue you raise and want all the political parties to hear and know about it. 
Please note that both Brighton Town Hall and Hove Town Hall are used for Full Council meetings.