Thought-provokers !


The sort of material which will come to this page includes the following two guideline examples:

1.     We all know what we mean when we say a proposal is “out of keeping with the area”.  But architecture as a profession speaks of ‘genius loci’ which goes further than this.

Professor Geoffrey Baker has been a saveHOVE supporter since King Alfred and something from him (either provided in the past or written new) on genius loci (spirit of place) will be uploaded here, eventually.  It is something the era of Starchitect egos seems deliberately to have gone against and people need to understand what it is.  And why it matters.

2.     A conversation with former CAG chair and architect, Philip Andrews, concerning a way of tackling how areas might develop in a less hodge podge, building by building, way which he once discussed with CAG, got me asking him if I could eventually have something from him to put on the website as an article .  Planning Briefs tackle small delineated areas but I don’t think his thinking is a million miles away from ‘genius loci’ issues. 

……watch this space for ‘think pieces’ to come

In fact, if there is an informing essay you think would fit on this part of the website, please email and let’s discuss it!