Holy Trinity Church

This 1863/4 Church was given two separate Listings in 1992.  It is perhaps of especial interest because “ This is the only church in the Brighton and Hove area with an external pulpit, indicative of the evangelical traditions of its early days.” When built it sat in open countryside.
Please click here to view the English Heritage Listing details for Holy Trinity Church itself.
Please click here to view the English Heritage Listing details for the wall.
10.1.15  The long-awaited planning application for Holy Trinity Church has arrived.  Registered on 6th January, they are Listed App BH2014/04361 (with only one neighbour consultation letter, going to BHCC conservation & design dept) and Full Planning App BH2014/04360, notified to residents only, in Eaton Villas, Denmark Villas, Goldstone Villas along with the church itself, and its Vicarage and its parsonage and its church hall (!) and the church opposite. 
A number of the addresses used are defunct which shortens the actual number consulted.  No George Street or Blatchington Road retailers were consulted which is wrong, given the proposal to put a newbuild pharmacy, opening into Goldstone Villas, within the site.  That English Heritage was not consulted is wrong.  That the Victorian Society was not consulted was wrong.  These observations are written here on the day the new application details came online.  Always keep looking at application documents listed on the council website to see what gets added!  The Victorian Society will be alerted by saveHOVE.  The Argus has been informed.
12.4.13             Enforcement were again contacted.  Nothing is happening.  Nothing.  Nothing.  And it is a disgrace.  There is NO sign of conversion to a doctor’s surgery.  The collapsed entry pier on the right is no longer all over the ground.  Someone cleared it away.  All Saints Church has responsibility for the wall, Enforcement say.  Please note that Aidan Thatcher is apparently the current Head of Enforcement.  A s215 repair order can be raised but to Listed Standard?  No, apparently not.  I would question this somehow.
There is no apparent likelihood of a GP surgery there any time soon.
Vile white ‘repairs’ have been made to the flint wall surround on three sides (3 streets involved) are despicable and amateurish.  Enforcement say it is lime, so soft and not damaging, but it is so badly done that it is not appropriate to a listed wall.
23.7.12            Enforcement were contacted concerning the damaged pier entrance area to the church a month or two back.  Enquiries from BHCC indicated that it is expected that Church Commissioners will be selling the Church to developers who will put in a planning consent for conversion to a doctors’ surgery.  Tenants are expected to be Central surgery from Ventnor Villas and the one from 20 Sackville Road.  That was then.  To date no confirmation is to hand.
A decent job of repair to the flint walls and piers is badly needed.  This is a listed building!
NB: UPDATE note to come:  On SundayApril 29th, Goldsmid Cllr Jarrett gave an undertaking to look into what the situation is currently.
Victorian, Grade 2 Listed, Holy Trinity Church in Eaton Road, bordering Goldstone Villas just above the main shopping area in Central Hove sits within Goldsmid Ward on the border with CentralWard.
This decommissioned Church has been empty for a couple of years now, its brick wall by the bus stop damaged and tumbling.  A very sad waste of a Listed Victorian Church.
Recently, the doctors who are meant to be taking it over for a surgery have commented in The Argus that they are soon to move in.  When?
On Sunday, 18th March, signs were in evidence on the flint wall surround and within the  site declaring that no car parking would be allowed from 16th March.  Collapsible bollards are sited across and just inside the entrance.  Walking in for a look, one can see that car parking on the lawn has resulted in terrible damage.  No grass left and the earth compacted so much that the tree roots are visible and there is a marked depression of the earth.
Earthworms die and the earth loses their presence in situations like this.  Very squalid looking it is too.  The Church Commissioners should be very ashamed of themselves.  This is a Grade 2 Listed church and the curtilege is almost certainly included within this designation.