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Is BHCC deliberately seeking to drive employers out of Newtown Road, Hove?

03.7.19…..The Sackville Trading Estate application BH2018/0369 has hung around since last autumn’s public exhibition of MODA/Mayfield build-to-expensively rent with an upmarket Care Home of £400,000 leasehold flats.  On 10th July it goes to Committee with a recommendation of Minded to … Continue reading

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Hundreds of flats to be heaved into a tiny part of Davigdor Road Hove

16.06.19…..When owners/leaseholders of Retail class properties cannot make money out of things they turn to cafe use or selling alcohol to try to save their bacon.  Result – too many cafes and the Council scrambling to create zones that cannot … Continue reading

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Two Major Planning Applications for decision TODAY! Watch live on the council webcam.

20.03.19…..Major applications raise a lot of public angst and concern.  How councillors on the Planning Committee handle the responsibility of deciding on planning dept recommendations is very important and the calibre of councillor chosen by parties to sit on planning … Continue reading

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Planning Applications: Public Consultation is mostly an empty formality

07.3.19…..Whilst I am not as proactive now as I would wish to be (health), I DO still try to keep people informed and to make application responses for saveHOVE as necessary.  Uploaded on 11 February 2019 is one concerning Lyon … Continue reading

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The wicked world of Delegated Decisions in Local Authorities

05.04.18…..Yesterday at the Planning Committee a somewhat cowed panel of councillors, along with a small contingent of Hove Library supporters and ward Cllr Andrew Wealls were put in their place and taught a very harsh lesson by Brighton & Hove … Continue reading

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