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Hundreds of flats to be heaved into a tiny part of Davigdor Road Hove

16.06.19…..When owners/leaseholders of Retail class properties cannot make money out of things they turn to cafe use or selling alcohol to try to save their bacon.  Result – too many cafes and the Council scrambling to create zones that cannot … Continue reading

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BHCC Diary of Meetings, Committees and Cllr Members – a Resource

28.05.19…..The ability to understand what the Council does with your council tax and the city you live in begins with understanding who our Councillors are and where each fits in – on decision-making Council Committees.  The Brighton & Hove City … Continue reading

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Momentum Labour Administration’s Idea of an Appropriate Planning Committee!!

Update! 11.06.19…..Since this blogpost went up at the end of May, the Tories have taken Mary Mears off Planning – leaving 2 instead of all 3 Rottingdean cllrs on Planning.  She was replaced by another Brighton Tory, however!  *Dee Simson.  … Continue reading

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A view of the Brighton & Hove local election as it unfolded….

05.05.19…..Nobody could call it in advance, though it was known there was a Green surge in two Brighton wards.  So many of us had expected a very low turnout, that, when it was announced by CEO Geoff Raw that it … Continue reading

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What does the ward you vote in NEED? Let that inform your vote!

02.05.19…..When the wannabe’s were knocking your door, pumping the paper through your doors, were they telling you what they PERSONALLY bring to the job of Councillor they seek to get?  Did they just bang on about their Party manifesto points?  … Continue reading

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