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Concerned with planning, development and the conservation of historic Hove, we actively seek to prevent inappropriate, negligent and abusive redevelopments!

A view of the Brighton & Hove local election as it unfolded….

05.05.19…..Nobody could call it in advance, though it was known there was a Green surge in two Brighton wards.  So many of us had expected a very low turnout, that, when it was announced by CEO Geoff Raw that it … Continue reading

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What does the ward you vote in NEED? Let that inform your vote!

02.05.19…..When the wannabe’s were knocking your door, pumping the paper through your doors, were they telling you what they PERSONALLY bring to the job of Councillor they seek to get?  Did they just bang on about their Party manifesto points?  … Continue reading

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“A Plague on ALL Your Houses” – The Local Election

28.04.19…..Radio 4’s World at One coverage of the mood of the electorate, ahead of Thursday’s voting in the Local Elections, produced the comment I used to ruefully title this post.  The chaos of Westminster has poisoned the well of politics … Continue reading

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How to begin to understand the Sackville Trading Estate planning application

16.04.19…..Way back when we were dealing with the Karis planning application for King Alfred one could talk to planning officers and ask questions and learn from them.  I learned this: First things first Begin by looking at the Planning Statement … Continue reading

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BH2018/03697 The Sackville Trading Estate application….some guidance

14.04.19…..Since the end of November, after I writing the 2018 posts on the Sackville Trading Estate scheme proposed by Moda and  Maycroft,  the planning application was registered and put out for consultation.  On 26th March a site notice went up … Continue reading

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