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Concerned with planning, development and the conservation of historic Hove, we actively seek to prevent inappropriate, negligent and abusive redevelopments!

The General Data Protection Racket…err…I mean…umm…Regulation

11.07.19…..The GDPR Directive from the EU caused instant loss of a huge chunk of democratic right and accountability concerning the planning process.  Long before its recent implementation, however, Brighton & Hove City Council was reducing transparency and access.  It’s official; … Continue reading

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City Plan Pt 1, adopted 2016 – is some of it out of date already?

08.07.19…..The best laid plans of mice and men….and all that.  Take a look at DA6… The solid purple strip down Newtown Road in Hove is meant to be sacred and absolutely protected B1, B2, B8 employment land and, labelled as … Continue reading

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Is BHCC deliberately seeking to drive employers out of Newtown Road, Hove?

03.7.19…..The Sackville Trading Estate application BH2018/0369 has hung around since last autumn’s public exhibition of MODA/Mayfield build-to-expensively rent with an upmarket Care Home of £400,000 leasehold flats.  On 10th July it goes to Committee with a recommendation of Minded to … Continue reading

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Hundreds of flats to be heaved into a tiny part of Davigdor Road Hove

16.06.19…..When owners/leaseholders of Retail class properties cannot make money out of things they turn to cafe use or selling alcohol to try to save their bacon.  Result – too many cafes and the Council scrambling to create zones that cannot … Continue reading

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BHCC Diary of Meetings, Committees and Cllr Members – a Resource

28.05.19…..The ability to understand what the Council does with your council tax and the city you live in begins with understanding who our Councillors are and where each fits in – on decision-making Council Committees.  The Brighton & Hove City … Continue reading

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