The video coverage of the Hove MP’s King Alfred public meeting is now available

31 May 2013…..Please note that the video coverage has been broken down into 14 chunks.  Sadly, the Centurion presentation (video 8) has apparently not been uploaded correctly.  This is being looked into by Mike Weatherley’s office as I write.  You may wish to click on the link below, put the site into favorites or to bookmark it for viewing and handy reference.  You may want to have it long-term, for reference in months to come.
The meeting took place over 2 1/2 hours so there is a lot of footage.  Sound is not strong but it is pretty much all there.  Ice skating campaigner Simon James took the video footage and deserves a round of applause for providing it to the MP and all the rest of us.

The King Alfred public meeting at Hove Town Hall



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